Victoria Pedretti Nude & Sex Scenes And Hot Images

Check out the hot actress and model Victoria Pedretti nude and sex scenes she made for series ‘You’, and her most sexy pics we found. This woman made me hard, her naughty moaning and fucking skills are so underrated!

Victoria Pedretti (Age 25) is an American actress, who is best known for her roles as Eleanor “Nell” Crain in the horror series ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. And hot Love Quinn in the Netflix thriller series ‘‘. In 2019, Pedretti appeared as Leslie Van Houten, better known as Lulu, in Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, alongside Margot Robbie, whose nudes and leaked sex tape we have!

Victoria Pedretti nude sex scenes

Sexy Victoria Pedretti is seen walking up to a guy sitting on some boxes in a warehouse. She starts kissing him passionately and biting on his bottom lip. Then pulling on it hard before she unbuckles his pants and slides her hand down them. Then she gives him a handjob while staring at him and kissing him some more. All during a fantasy sequence where the guy sits masturbating and imaging this happen.

In the second scene, we can see Victoria Pedretti in the market. She lifts up a giant cucumber to sexually tease a guy who is watching her. This causes him to start having fantasy flashes of the different ways he would have sex with her. He going down on her with his face in between her legs.

Sex Scenes in Bed

Victoria Pedretti nude kissing a guy up against a door in a bedroom. They strip off their clothes to reveal her red bra and panties. She falls back onto a bed where straddles him and rolls up a tie. Pedretti shoves it in his mouth to gag him, so her brother, who’s sleeping in the other room can’t hear them having sex. She is riding the man giving us some looks at her nude tits with her nipples covered all. Victoria chokes him a bit and then starts moaning and making noises, as he reaches up trying to cover her mouth to keep her quiet.

Lovely Victoria Pedretti is again kissing a guy and then starting to go down on him. Her phone rings causing her to answer it and then talk on the phone all while she continues pleasuring the guy with her hand. He starts playing with her as well until finally she gets off the phone and they both lie down facing each other while continuing to play with one another and have sex.

Victoria Pedretti hot pics

Now it’s time to see some red carpet and paparazzi pics of Pedretti. She is hot as hell, and all we can see now is her smile and beautiful eyes. Besides that, she has ugly ears. Others of her attributes are just perfect. We like her and her way of teasing the audience with feet and cleavage while appearing on the public events!

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