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Sophie Skelton (Age 26) is a British actress best known for her role as Brianna Fraser in the Starz drama series ‘‘. Her first professional television role, in Series two of the British crime drama ‘DCI Banks’, was a two-episode stint as schoolgirl Becca Smith. In 2013, Skelton guest-starred as Esme Vasquez-Jones in series one of CBBC’s award-winning children’s drama ‘The Dumping Ground’. That same year she went on to portray Nikki Boston’s (Heather Pierce) estranged daughter in the ninth season of BBC One’s school drama ‘Waterloo Road’ and Yasmin Carish in a series of the long-running medical series ‘Doctors’. Transitioning into feature films, Skelton’s first role was in 2014’s The War I Knew. She portrayed Margaret in director Ian Vernon’s tale of a WWII paratrooper lost behind enemy lines.

Sophie Skelton nude leaked pics

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