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Rosie Perez is an American actress, singer, talk show host, dancer, and choreographer. Her film breakthrough was the role of Tina in ‘Do the Right Thing’, which she followed with ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in ‘Fearless’, as well as three Emmy Awards. Perez has also performed on Broadway and was a co-host on the talk show ‘The View’ during the series’ 18th season. Perez married artist  in 2013 in Las Vegas. They had decided to get married the night before while attending the Floyd Mayweather vs. Saúl Álvarez boxing match. The couple slept over at the MGM Grand hotel-casino and were married in the morning. Perez was previously married to filmmaker Seth Zvi Rosenfeld, but the couple divorced in 2001 after ten years of marriage. She was a friend of the rapper Tupac Shakur.

Rosie Perez nude and hot sex scenes

‘White Men Can’t Jump’

Here is Rosie Perez making out with a guy in the shower. Her shirt gets pulled off and we see her nude, while she has sex with a guy. Rosie Perez sitting up in bed, her nipples are into view, as her loose shirt moves around. We then see her right breast again a few times, as she rushes to get out of bed and get dressed. Rosie is giving us a look at her breasts from the side, while has sex.

‘Perdita Durango’

Then we have Rosie Perez nude performances in another movie. She is seen lying naked on her stomach on a bed, her naked ass is seen, as the sheet is covering her is slowly pulled away. She then turns on her side slightly, revealing her right breast. Then in next scene, Rosie Perez is lying on her back on a bed. She is holding on to the bed rail, as a guy has sex with her. Rosie is wearing just a bra, and we see her nude ass, as she then rolls on top of the guy on the floor and rides him. Afterward, we see Rosie lying naked and her boobs into view, as the guy lies behind her and holds a skull puppet in his hand, running it up her side…

Then Perez is again lying naked,  on a desert floor as a guy makes out with her. He pulls down her bra to reveal the nipples and to sucks them. Then he hikes Rosie’s pants off, so she goes pantyless before having sex. Hot Rosie Perez is seen showing hard nipples in a white tank top, as she stands behind a parked car and talks to a guy on a street at night.

‘The Take’

What a woman! Rosie Perez is naked in the shower with a guy. Her nude boobs are pressed against his back, as she holds him. Rosie Perez is then seen naked during a darkly-lit sex scene with a guy, first showing tits, as she lies on her back and the guy has sex with her. Shen then flips over onto her stomach, showing her bare ass, as they have sex from behind.

‘Do the Right Thing’

The last scene shows Rosie Perez boobs closely! She is having a guy slide an ice cube over her naked body, giving us a view of her bare naked tits in the process.

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Rosie Perez sexy pics

I do not see the point of loving this ugly woman. But many men around the world jerk for her. Here we collected many Rosie Perez hot and sexy boobs pics of her, so you can judge on your own. Perez showed her tits in cleavage, sexy ass and legs while posing on the red carpet. Paparazzi and the camera love this ebony, but I’m a bit skeptical…

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