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Rosamund Pike (Age 40) is an English actress who began her acting career in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Skylight’. Her best roles are in ‘A Rather English Marriage’, ‘Wives and Daughters’, ‘Love in a Cold Climate’, as Bond girl Miranda Frost in ‘Die Another Day’, ‘The Libertine’ and ‘Pride & Prejudice’. Pike also appeared in ‘Doom’, ‘Fracture’, ‘Fugitive Pieces’, ‘An Education’, ‘The World’s End’, ‘Barney’s Version’.

In 2014, she appeared in the psychological thriller ‘‘. She won the Saturn Award for Best Actress and was nominated for the Academy Award. Also, a role in drama ‘A Private War’, gave her nominations for a Golden Globe Award. She is with Robie Uniacke since 2009 and they have 2 kids.

Rosamund Pike nude scenes

Check out the first of Rosamund Pike scenes we prepared! Here is Rosamund Pike’s naked scene from ‘A Private War’. She is completely nude, showing her too saggy tits in the mirror at first. Then approaching her man and giving as a close view of her hairy pussy from behind!

Then Rosamund Pike is nude in the ‘Women in Love’. Rosamund Pike is approaching a guy and pulling the nightie down to reveal her topless body. We see her boobs and butt from the side as she makes out with the man. Then Rosamund Pike is wearing a robe that she drops off and makes out for a bit before Rosamund pushes him away, showing her breasts quickly in the second scene.

Rosamund Pike in ‘Gone Girl’

Her most famous role from the ‘Gone Girl’ also gave us several nude and sex scenes of Rosamund Pike. She is lying on her back wearing a bra as a guy pulls her panties to the side with one hand and licks her pussy. Rosamund’s head is hanging off the edge of the bed before she sits up to look at the guy.

Then Rosamund Pike is seen standing facing a mirror, as a guy finishes while fucking her from behind. In the third scene, Pike is unzipping and dropping her dress to the floor to reveal lingerie, as she kisses a guy by a bed. She then pulls his pants off and give him the blowjob. Pike then has sex with her man and then reaches for a knife. Things get bloody when she slits his throat.

In the last one, Rosamund Pike is standing nude in a shower. We see her bare naked ass through the glass. The guy then steps in to join her and shows breasts. Rosamund then washes some blood off her body under the running water.

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Rosamund Pike sex scenes

There is Rosamund Pike topless having sex with a guy in two scenes from ‘Fracture’. They are fucking from behind with her naked tits hanging out, as her nipples are seen.

There are hot three scenes of Rosamund Pike topless from ‘Fugitive Pieces’. She is seen wet and wrapped in a towel, sitting down in a guy’s lap, as she drops the towel. We see her boobs, as she kisses the guy. Rosamund Pike is having sex with a guy on a couch in the second scene. Se is lying underneath him fully nude. And in the third scene, Rosamund showed a naked body at night, as she looks through some things on a desk.

Then Rosamund Pike is having sex at the back seat of a car in a parking garage. The guy is fucking her from behind. She then leans out the open car door and gets sick, showing the cleavage. Scene is from ‘Burning Palms’.

The next scene is from ‘The Man with the Iron Heart’. Here Rosamund Pike has sex on the couch. He then lays back and she leans over on top of him. The guy sliding his hand up her dress to expose her tight ass.

Rosamund Pike sexy and feet pics

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