Rihanna Sex Tape Leaked From Her Phone

Oh yes! We’ve been waiting for this… Finally, we have Rihanna sex tape only here on Scandal Planet! The sex video has been stolen and then leaked online! Right after many celebrities from Hollywood are dedicated to their careers, Rihanna loves to be naked all the time, she loves to show her big ass and also small saggy boobs! Free the nipples girls, our Ri-Ri is the first one who promotes nude tits in public. We didn’t expected she will fuck some nigga on the yacht, but she did it also. She was drunk as fuck, or maybe drugged. Cause everybody knows her moaning and twerking skills!

The bad girl Riri, is fucking on the video below with some black dude in doggy style. We are suspecting that this sex tape was filmed a few years in the past when Rihanna wasn’t so famous. The beautiful singer and actress from Barbados is taking the big black dick from behind, right in her wet pussy! She really got some moves. I wonder where she learned that? Well, we heard some rumors about Barbadian girls, hope it’s all true.

The sex started on the boat’s deck, we got the photo from above. And then continued under the deck, where Rihanna gave the guy a full treatment… We have one more video of her giving him a blowjob, but you’ll have to be patient, and stay tuned with Scandal Planet! Many of our fans are asking about Rihanna’s sex and porn videos with Drake and . Also, she filmed several blowjobs with these guys too!

Rihanna sex in the pool

We just got some crazy sexy photos of singer Rihanna while having sex in the pool with her boyfriend. While we are at it we have to remind you that we have Rihanna porn video as well as some nude photos of this singer!

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