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Margo Stilley (Age 37) is an American actress and writer. Her first role was as Lisa, the lead character in the controversial 2004 British movie ‘9 Songs’. According to the press, this movie was the most explicit mainstream film. It includes scenes of real sexual acts between Stilley and her co-star, actor . The movie includes graphic sex with O’Brien, masturbation scenes, with and without a vibrator, real vaginal and anal sex, cunnilingus, footjob, and fellatio. Kieran became the only British actor who has been ejaculating in a mainstream movie. She appeared as a model in Vogue, In Style UK, The Face, Harper’s Bazaar, Black Book Magazine, Elle.

Margo Stilley blowjob scene

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Margo Stilley sex while blindfolded

Here is the compilation of Margo Stilley two porn scenes, where she is having blindfolded sex!

In the first one, she is seen wearing nothing but a skimpy shirt as she reads to a guy from a book. The guy then fetches a blindfold, where Margo is completely naked. Then he covers Stilley’s eyes and ties her hands to the bed. She lies nude on the back as the guy is spreading her legs and giving us an explicit look between them before licking her wet pussy!

In the second scene, Margo Stilley is seen lying fully nude. Her hands are tied to the bed behind her head. The guy finishes licking her pussy and then moves to have sex with Margo. We can see her naked boobs, ass, and pussy.

Margo Stilley nude sex compilation

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