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Jolene Blalock (Age 45) is an American actress and model. She is the best known for playing the Vulcan first officer and science officer T’Pol on the UPN science-fiction series ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’. Jolene has also guest-starred on television series and films. She is married to , CEO of Live Nation. The two met when he booked her for a beer commercial in Los Angeles. He lived in England and while working on ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’. Jolene Blalock found conducting a long-distance relationship difficult, running up an astronomical phone bill. She proposed to him and the two married in Jamaica. They have two children. Rapino and Blalock founded the Rapino Foundation, an organization that assists populations in the developing world. Blalock is a passionate dog lover and has appeared on the cover of the popular British dog publication K9 Magazine.

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‘Slow Burn’

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‘Diamond Hunters’

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