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Jennie Jacques (Age 30) is an English actress. Her first major role was as Annie Miller in ‘Desperate Romantics’, a six-part BBC Two television drama serial about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood that was broadcast in 2009. Then she played the lead role as Gina Dawson on the television series ‘WPC 56’. Since 2015 Jacques has played the recurring role of Saxon Queen Judith on the television series ‘‘. Also, Jennie appeared in ‘The Delivery Man’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Shank’ and ‘Father Brown’.

Jennie Jacques nude in sex from ‘Vikings’

There is hot Jennie Jacques nude lying on her back and having sex with a priest. He’s on top of her before he finishes and then we see Jennie’s naked boob before he’s kissing her again. We see nude Jacques’ tits and ass… Then Jennie Jacques is wearing a nightie, as she walks away from the guy and he watches her. She then stops and takes the nightie off to reveal her nude ass and sideboobs. Jennie Jacques turns around and walks back to the bed to kiss the guy, though now we just see her from the shoulders up.

Jennie Jacques nude sex in ‘Desperate Romantics’

Then Jennie Jacques appeared in three scenes from ‘Desperate Romantics’. In the first one, she’s wearing a dress as she bends over. Jennie’s teasing a guy and then sits in his lap, then giving us her nipples before she buries the face of her man in between her big pressed boobs and then stands up and drops her skirt to reveal her ass.  After that, we have a scene of Jennie Jacques posing nude as she talks with some guys… Then giving us some good looks at her naked tits as she poses for a painter. Then she gets excited and starts dancing nude around the room with him as another guy tries to stop them. And in the third one, Jennie Jacques is standing as she has very hard sex with a guy against a bed… I adore this hottie!

Jennie Jacques sex scene in ‘Demons Never Die’

Demons Never Die… Hope Jennie Jacques won’t die either. She’s seen here on top of a guy, showing plenty of cleavage in a bra. She makes out with a guy before he unhooks the bra and removes it. We then see Jennie Jacques naked in sex scenes, as she rolls onto her back and has sex with the guy…

Jennie Jacques naked sex compilation video

And here it is! The compilation video of all Jennie Jacques naked and hot sex scenes we described above… She’s one of my favorite whores among all actresses!

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These sexy Jennie Jacques photos will make you wonder how someone so hot could be single. Yes, Jennie Jacques is single, and a very sexy woman who’s breast size proves that she can conquer the world. So, we have also gathered her hot selfies and Jennie Jacques some red carpet pics.

In the end, we need to tell you that Jennie is not the first Viking woman who’s making me horny… See Alyssa Sutherland nude and sex scenes compilation we posted recently! She is stunning!

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