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Jane Mallory Birkin (Age 73) is an English actress, singer, songwriter, and model. She attained international fame and notability for her decade-long musical and romantic partnership with . She also had a great career as an actress. Birkin began her career appearing in minor roles in ‘Blowup’, ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Slogan’ and ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’. Birkin would attain further acting credits in Agatha Christie’s films ‘Death on the Nile’ and ‘Evil Under the Sun’.

After separating from Gainsbourg in 1980, Birkin continued to work as both an actress and a singer. With appearing in various films and recording numerous solo albums. In 1991, she appeared in the miniseries ‘Red Fox’. And in the American drama ‘‘. In 2016, she starred in the Academy Award-nominated ‘La femme et le TGV’, which she said would be her final film role. Jane Birkin is the mother of actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, model Lou Doillon. In addition to her acting and musical credits, she lent her name to the popular Hermès Birkin bag.

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‘La pirate’

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‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ nude scenes

Sexy Jane Birkin is sitting in bed topless. She is holding a stuffed animal and after a while sliding her hand down her pajama pants to masturbate.

Then Jane Birkin is laying down on a bed nude with her knees up in the air. She is arching her back a bit as a guy kneels down beside the bed and kisses her on her thigh. The guy then moves up to kiss her on the lips. He unbuttons his jeans but then rolls over to lie next to Jane. She puts her hand down his jeans and talks to him. But he pushes her and she rolls off the bed, backing up against a wall.

Jane Birkin is naked as she slides across the floor. She curls up in the fetal position while looking at a guy sitting on a bed. The guy then lays down beside her, resting his head on her back and touching her bare butt with his hand. The guy then lays down on top of her and has anal sex with her as she grabs on to a shower curtain and pulls it down on top of them while crying out.

Sexy singer Jane Birkin is kneeling on all fours. The guy has anal sex with her from behind while kneeling behind her. Jane is crying out as we get a close-up view of her nude boobs and hard nipples.

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‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ forced porn

Popular and sexy Jane Birkin is undressing in a bathroom and showing her ass. She then climbs naked into a bath where a guy all of a sudden shows up and puts a plastic bag over her head. It led her into another room as she shows the naked body while struggling against her. She then lays down on her side on the floor as the guy finally lets go of the bag.

Oh man, Jane Birkin is lying fully nude on the floor as a guy lifts a plastic bag off her head. She then sits up and talks to the guy for a bit before quickly jumping up and backing away. She watches as the guy, as well as another guy, leaves the room. We see full-frontal nudity from Jane as she steps outside and finally kneels down on the grass in front of the restaurant she was in.

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