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Giselle Batista (Age 34) is a Brazilian actress. She is the twin sister of also actress Michelle Batista, with whom she has worked in several productions. In 2012 Giselle gave birth to a daughter in Cheias de Charme. In 2013, she made the series ‘‘. It was shown on the subscription channel Multishow, as prostitute Denise. Also in 2013, she was cast to make the episode “Ingrid” from the first season of the series, as Canalhas. It was shown on the channel also by subscription GNT. In 2015 she joined the cast of the soap opera ‘A Regra do Jogo’, as bisexual Duda. She lived a love triangle with Júlia Rabello and Marcello Novaes.

Giselle Batista nude and sex scenes


Hot Giselle Batista is naked in the lap of one guy. Two other guys flank her and she kisses them. All while having sex with the first guy. We get a few looks at her nude tits. And then she ends up kneeling on the bed with the three guys in a row in front of her. As she is giving the blowjob to one of them.

Model Giselle Batista nude scene will make you hard! She is leaning over a guy while having sex on top of him. The guy is grabbing Giselle’s nude boobs. She then rolls onto her back under him.

In the next scene, we can see Giselle Batista sitting up in bed beside a guy and talking to him. Her boobs coming into view when the scene switches to a wider shot. I like her!

And in the last, but not least scene of Giselle Batista, we see her nude again! She is on her back, as she and a guy finish having sex on a purple couch. Her bra pulled down so we get a look at her breasts. She and the guy then sit up and talk for a bit before Giselle finds a sex toy on the floor. Another guy then walks into the room and she quickly covers up by hugging a pillow. That guy then leaves and we get a final brief topless view of Giselle before she gets dressed.

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