Emilia Clarke Nude Pics and Naked in Sex Scenes

Hot Emilia Clarke had many naked sex scenes and topless photoshoots. But right after she got really famous, Emilia decided to decline provocative scenes. This made Game Of Thrones, so much different from book series. There are so many more provocative and sex scenes in the books. But right after she was nominated for 100 most influential people in the world Clarke started declining anything she didn’t love!

Let’s start with Emilia Clarke hot topless and lingerie photos:

Big collection of Emilia Clarke nude and sexy photos she did for several magazines in 2018 and 2019! There are pics she did for Vogue, Esquire, and pics made by Marc Seliger! Mother of dragons shows her smoking hot ass and legs while wearing lingerie, sexy short dresses, and some elegant pieces. All that made this queen just hotter! The way she acted in ‘Game of Thrones’ made this girly actress a real queen of my heart’s Seven Kingdoms!

Hot Emilia Clarke naked scenes in ‘Game Of Thrones’

In this scene, we can see Emilia Clarke nude sitting with her legs crossed in the remains of an extinguished fire. We see her nude boobs as she holds a baby dragon in her lap and stands up while covering her pussy with another dragon.

I admit she is a woman of my life! Here is Emilia Clarke completely naked shows her lush curves. This platinum blonde standing topless, her nipples are juicy and the guy grabs her tits. The camera focuses on her butt and we have an excellent view of her tits and ass.

Emilia Clarke nude in the bath and talking to a guy and her bare breasts and nipples half covered with water. She gets up and we now have a good look at her nude boobs and firm buttocks.

Nasty Emilia stands on the wall of oceanfront and a guy takes off her robe. She remains the only topless and we have a nice view of her lush breasts and juicy nipples.

Sexy actress Emilia Clarke emerging naked from a burning building, her breasts becoming visible as she steps out of the flames and looks out over a crowd of people kneeling below.

Emilia Clarke sex scenes in ‘GOT’

Here’s Emilia Clarke in a wild sex scene from behind. We see her on her knees while a big guy fucks her violently from behind. Her boobs swaying under the force of fucking. Very effective and juicy forced sex scene from the famous Tv series ‘Game Of Thrones’!

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There’s one more sex scene of Emilia Clarke from ‘GOT’. In this scene u can see Emilia lying naked on top of a guy in bed, showing her right nipple while having sex with John Snow. After a bit, she rolls onto her back and we see some of her tits pressed against a guy.

Emilia Clarke lying in bed with a guy and having him roll on top of her, almost revealing her breasts but her nipples remaining just out of view as she and the guy talk and he kisses her while holding himself up by his arms.

There is the first compilation of all nude and sex scenes Emilia Clarke made for the needs of the series:

Emilia Clarke nude and sex in ‘Voice From The Stone’

See Emilia Clarke in a topless passionate sex scene, where she showed her hot attributes again. Clarke lies in the unbuttoned coat and has sex with her boyfriend and we have an excellent view of her nude boobs and juicy butt. This is a scene from ‘Voice From The Stone’ Series!

In the second one, Emilia Clarke is posing for an artist. She lowers her robe off the shoulders and we see her bare naked. The guy then lays her robe over her thighs and we see Emilia topless for a while. Next, we see the guy chiseling a statue of her form while Emilia is seen lying in bed.

And there is the last compilation… I hope you have enjoyed!

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