Catherine Walker Nude & Sex Scenes Compilation

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Catherine Walker (Age 45) is an Irish actress. She became popular after many British and Irish television appearances including ‘The Clinic’ (2003–2009), ‘Northanger Abbey’ (2007), ‘Bitter Sweet’ (2008), ‘Critical’ (2015), and ‘A Dark Song’ (2016). More recently, she appeared as Madame Scarron in series ‘‘. She also appeared as Alice Brooks in the drama ‘Shetland’. Catherine Walker has won the Irish Times Irish Theatre Award for Best Actress twice.

Catherine Walker nude sex scenes

‘Strike Back’

Catherine Walker and Alexis Peterman both going topless in a lesbian scene. The girls unzip their dresses while making out, Catherine going topless first and Alexis undressing down to her lingerie. Alexis then drops her bra too and the girls get into bed together. Catherine on her back as Alexias leans over her kisses her nude tits before licking her pussy. The girls then kiss some more before Catherine strangles Alexis and then takes an impression of her fingerprint after getting dressed.

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‘Conspiracy of Silence

Hot Catherine Walker is removing her clothes to reveal a black bra. Then she’s taking that off to reveal her nude tits, before having sex on her back with a guy and riding him.

‘The Delinquent Season

MILF Catherine Walker is seen in another nude sex scene. She is on her back on the edge of a bed, with her head hanging off. She is showing bare breasts as she and a guy have sex. After finishing, the guy rests his head on her chest. We then see Catherine from above as the guy goes down on her, then from the side as they have sex once more. The montage then ends with Catherine naked and riding the guy in his lap, showing breasts once more.

‘A Dark Song’

Beautiful Catherine Walker naked is standing in a living room. She removes her pants and then her shirt to reveal her boobs, before pulling down her panties as well. Walker stands topless while the man stares at her and masturbates. That’s what I am doing right now!


Sexy actress Catherine Walker is reclining in a bathtub and briefly flashing her boob. A guy then watches as wraps herself in a sheet afterward, giving a see-through look at her naked ass. The guy then stands behind her and kisses her, running his hand down between her legs before she stops him.

Ireland treasure Catherine Walker nude is making out with a guy in slow motion. We see her riding him, sitting on the floor with the dress around her waist. So we get a view of her right nipple, as she has sex with the guy.

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