Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos and Sex Scenes

Hacker’s new target is here! Check out Blake Lively nude leaked photos from her personal iCloud! They are all over the internet, but we managed to gather all of the important ones. And put them in one collection for everyday jerking! As always enjoy the pics and scroll down to see Blake Lively sex scenes from ‘All I See Is You’ and ‘Savages’! Blake showed boobs, ass and pussy on many mirror selfies! After her, Emma Watson leaked nudes appeared, so we assume the same guys hacked her iCloud account!

On pics below, we can see Blake Lively nude in her bathroom and bedroom, as she poses in front of the mirror. Also, there are some pictures that we think it was dedicated to her husband Ryan Reynolds. She probably sent him those pictures of her boobs and nipples through some messaging app. Hackers got the information about it, and digged just a bit deeper!

The last thing we have to say is: “Ryan you lucky bastard!”

Blake Lively nude leaked photos

Blake Ellender Lively (Age 32) is an American actress, known as Serena van der Woodsen character in the series Gossip Girl. She also starred in a number of films, including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The Town, Green Lantern, Savages, The Age of Adaline, The Shallows and A Simple Favor. Lively is married to actor since 2012, with whom she has two children and is expecting a third child.

Blake Lively proof of leaked pics:

Blake Lively porn – sex scenes from ‘Savages’

After you thought she finished with the nudity, we added Blake Lively sex scenes from ‘Savages’. She showed her real fucking and moaning skills! In the first scene u can see Blake Lively on her back underneath a guy. Her legs are wrapped around him and they are having hot intensive sex on the couch! Then there’s the other scene. Next, Blake is climbing into a bath tub with a guy and kissing him! Then her yellow dress is getting wet and we can see the bikini underneath! The guy then carries her to a bed, where lifts her legs up and takes her panties off to fuck her hard!

Blake Lively naked sex scene In ‘All I See Is You’

Blake Lively is naked again, she shows her side boob and flashed the nipple in a nude sex scene. She is riding a guy and gives us a good look at her naked back. Butt is naked too. Blake did try to stop them from spreading all over the internet. But the attempt was doomed since we at don’t miss a single chance to expose these sluts for what they really are!

Blake Lively Sexy With Ben Affleck from ‘The Town’

There is one more compilation of Blake Lively hot scenes from ‘The Town’ with Ben Affleck! In these scenes, u can see Black Lively is showing deep cleavage and reveals pink bra! She’s sitting in the bar and talking to Ben Affleck, then they are going to his some to have sex! Blake is sitting on the top of Ben making out with him, and rides him! I don’t know why this girl is so hot and makes me so horny every time I see her face and imagine these tits on my mouth!

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